Four decades...


Port Barcares France 1975 m3 marinas
1995 barcelona international boat show IFBSO proi nautica m3 marinas
2015 M3 marinas cartagena colombia club de pesca cartagena






The beginning



Barcelona International Boat Show (IFBSO)


20 years journey



Club de pesca Cartagena



40 years



Behind M3 Marinas and its more of 300 attainments  all over the world, there appear four decades of nautical engineering vocation applied to the construction of functional, reliable and profitable marinas.



Javier López Bonet, engineer and passionate of the sea as sailor navigator, as well as descendant of ship owner,captain and harbour  constructor, from who he inherited his indefatigable vocation, is the true starter and author of all its development from beginning to present.



With identical spirit, his descendants, with the highest enthusiasm and dedications, have as well incorporate themselves to the staff of the company and are giving to it the necessary continuation and support to stay at the forefront. the forefront of marina technology


Aluminium welding mig m3 marinas construction floating docks
Representation and analysis fem 3d m3 marinas technology marina marine
Submarine piling and drilling on to rock m3 marinas

Design R&D

(Representation and analysis FEM 3D)



(MIG certified aluminium welding)



(Piling and drilling on to rock)




The pursuit of excellence is M3 Marina’s compromise, being investigation, development and innovation of its products the foundations of its flawless trajectory, all of it in order to continue granting its customers the most functional, reliable and profitable marinas.


M3 Marinas distinguishes itself for the continuous development of improvements and patents on its production, installation an maintenance, all of it in order to provide the technological innovations to face the climatic and social challenges of this new era. M3 marinas has multiple national and international available patents  on its fabricated and commercialized products, confirming like this its labour and compromise.


M3 Marinas is innovative technology’s most pure expression, genuine and leading. A clearly dominant technology, that keeps on being imitated.

















M3  marinas has produced, produces and contracts projects and constructions in the European’s, Asian’s, African’s and American’s continent, where it possesses several production centres and subsidiaries.

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